Will Monarchs: Legacy of Monsters Season 2 Happens? Kiersey Clemons Teases Whats’s Next for May s(Exclusives)

Will Monarchs: Legacy of Monsters Season 2 Happens? Kiersey Clemons Teases Whats’s Next for May s(Exclusives)

Will Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Season 2 Happen? Kiersey Clemons Teases What’s Next for May (Exclusive)

Kiersey Clemons, who plays May in Apple TV+’s Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, revealed what she wants to see next for her character in a possible Season 2 after that big finale.

This article contains spoilers for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Episode 10.

The final episode of the season provided fans with an intense roller coaster as Cate, May, Shaw, and Keiko tried to escape from Axis Mundi. Thanks to a surprise visit from everyone’s favorite Titan, Godzilla, the group was saved and pulled back to their reality—all but Kurt Russell’s character, who sacrificed himself to help guarantee everyone else’s survival.

When the survivors got back, though, they were in for a shock.

It was now 2017, and the group had arrived at a stormy destination familiar to viewers: Skull Island. That’s right, even Kong made a cameo!

What’s Next for Kiersey Clemons’ May?

In an exclusive interview with The Direct’s Russ Milheim, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters star Kiersey Clemons shared what she’d like to see next for her character of May in a possible Season 2.

After being forcefully reunited with APEX, who is working alongside Kentaro and his father, Clemons explained how she hopes that May “doesn’t get to run away as easily, and maybe she is finally forced to participate in this capitalistic bullshit:”

“I guess I really want to know which pill she chooses?… I would want to see if she, this time, doesn’t get to run away as easily, and maybe she is finally forced to participate in this capitalistic bullshit that she always said she wouldn’t participate in. I would really love to see her struggle in that.”

Clemons continued, admitting how she’d love to see May “have a bit of power, and maybe she misuses it:”

“I would kinda like to see her even maybe have a bit of power, and maybe she misuses it. I am totally open to May not being likable. I would love to be kind of a somehow charismatic, deceitful bitch that would make me happy if that’s who made the game.”

When asked if she’d be on team Godzilla or Kong, the actress hesitantly leaned toward the primate of Skull Island, only to finally settle on the King of Monsters:

“I think Kong… I’m gonna say… Oh, that’s so hard. Um, oh. I don’t know. I feel like I have to say Godzilla. Because that’s weird… I want to say Kong, but I think that—I don’t know. Something about that doesn’t sit right with me. I gotta pick Godzilla.”

The Many Possibilities of Monarch Season 2

As for the likelihood of a Season 2, fans seem to be loving what they’ve gotten so far. It’s difficult to imagine that Apple would want to pull the plug already.

Executive producer Matt Fraction previously told The Direct that he believes “[they] could keep going for as long as people want to keep watching.” Executive producer Chris Black added that “it’s kind of really up to the viewers” if Season 2 becomes a reality.

Ever since the introduction of APEX in Episode 7, it became clear that Monarch: Legacy of Monsters was going to connect to even more of the Monsterverse than fans might have thought initially.

In May’s case, with her connection to APEX, it feels like she might end up being a key element of the project eventually known as Mechagodzilla. While she’s currently got an antagonistic relationship with the company, Kentaro and his father were able to break bread with them—maybe that mindset will spread.

There are a lot of extremely intriguing possibilities for what a Season 2 of Monarch could explore.

Obviously, right off the bat, there’s Kong himself. Fans have no idea what the big primate has been up between Skull Island and Godzilla V Kong, and this is the perfect place to fill in those blanks.

It’s also worth noting that when the 2021 event movie arrived, the research station Monarch showed as APEX’s goes on to be owned by Monarch themselves. Certainly, there’s a story there.Then there’s also the events of Godzilla: King of Monsters, which is only two years away at this point. Perhaps fans will get to see even more famous Titans if the Apple TV show continues.

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