Who Is Avi Azulays? 5 Things to Know About Moses Actor from Testaments: The Story of Mosess

Who Is Avi Azulays? 5 Things to Know About Moses Actor from Testaments: The Story of Mosess

Who Is Avi Azulay? 5 Things to Know About Moses Actor from Testament: The Story of Moses

Netflix’s new docuseries, Testament: The Story of Moses, puts up-and-coming star Avi Azulay into the spotlight as the titular Moses.

This three-part series, narrated by Charles Dance, highlights testimonials from various religious leaders who explore Moses’s history and legacy across different belief systems.

Avi Azulay takes on the major responsibility of playing the titular Moses, embracing events like the parting of the Red Sea and the receiving of the Ten Commandments.

Meet Netflix’s Moses Star Avi Azulay

Avi Azulay in Testament: The Story of Moses

Avi Azulay Studied Acting in Israel

Azulay’s resume lists extensive acting experience in Israel, where he graduated from an acting studio founded by Yoram Levinstein. He attended this studio from 2011 to 2014.

He is also a graduate of the Chebek method for acting after studying with Ivana Chebek in 2018, and in that same year, he attended a “plastic drama” movement workshop in Moscow, Russia.

Avi Got His Acting Start in Theater

Like many in Hollywood, Azulay embraced theater acting before moving to the big screen. He was first discovered by his current agent, Shirly Peterman, through his work at the Gesher Theater in Israel.

Some of his biggest roles on stage include Cassio in Othello (2015), Stefan in The Slave (2019), and Christian in Cyrano (2024).

Peterman shared her thoughts on discovering Azulay on Instagram in early March, celebrating five years of working together on that day. She reflected on not being able to take her eyes off his performance, seeing “a star in front of [her]:”

“Exactly five years ago I started representing Avi Azulay.

This happened a little while after I watched him in a play at the ‘Bridge’ theater. Throughout the whole show I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I just saw a star in front of me

And I knew it was bingo.

I was lucky and got to represent him.”

Avi Acted in Several TV Shows Before Playing Moses

Outside of his role as Moses in Testament: The Story of Moses, Azulay has a handful of other on-screen credits.

Starting his career with small roles in projects like Love Birds and Bney Or, 2020 saw him get a bump in visibility with a 10-episode stint on Manayek as Bari the dealer.

He then starred in four episodes of 2023’s East Side, a series about a former Secret Service agent who negotiates shady real estate deals between Arabs and Jews fighting over control of East Jerusalem.

Now, Azulay takes on leading-man duties in Testament: The Story of Moses, playing the titular role of Moses.

While the documentary features analysts and experts discussing the legend of Moses in interviews to enlighten fans on the legend, Azulay embodies the religious figure when the story goes back to the past.

Avi Has Other Talents Beyond Acting

While acting is Azulay’s most well-known talent, he is far from a one-trick pony, as his resume lists numerous other skills.

He is a talented musician with experience in singing and dubbing. He also spends much of his free time practicing his dance skills. Specifically, he is trained in more modern styles of dance, including hip-hop.

Puterman commented on the actor’s work ethic on Instagram, calling him somebody who “understands where this whole business is going” as he develops his skills.

Praising his “trust” and “patience,” she describes her client as “a hardworking player who doesn’t compromise on any nuance” as he strives to be the best he can be:

“But it’s not just that.

We’ve come a long way together, as an agent and an actor who understands where this whole business is going.

Hand in hand we walked the road with endless trust and a lot of patience, knowing that it was only a matter of time and timing.

And Avi, a hardworking player who doesn’t compromise on any nuance, will always work days and nights until he reaches the best result.

Four years of course, he did roles here and there but waited quietly for his ‘job.'”

Avi Will Next Star in Jerusalem ’67

The next movie on Azulay’s schedule is Jerusalem ’67, which was confirmed for development by Variety in May 2023.

The story centers on a civilian haunted by a painful childhood, leaving her family to serve on the frontlines of the notorious Six-Day War in Israel in 1967.

The movie is produced by New York-based lawyer Joseph Schick, who looked back to the “social, cultural, economic divisions” seen in Israel that will likely be seen in this movie:

“In 1967, Israel had social, cultural, economic divisions and it wasn’t a perfect society by any means. And I think what happened then is a reminder of how to handle that situation”

The film will also feature one of the most diverse army units in the world, helping show how all different kinds of personalities and people are equal in this story:

“In this brigade you would have somebody who’s very religious, fighting next to somebody who’s a Hebrew university atheist professor, and a janitor and a lawyer. They were all equal. They were all the same. They all faced the same threat. So think 1967 is the guide of how do you deal with internal disputes. In 1967 there was unity.”

Currently, Azulay’s role is unknown.

How To Follow Avi Azulay Online

Fans can find more about Avi Azulay on his Instagram page at @avi.azulay_.

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