Wednesday Season 2 Is Removing 1 Major Character Amid Actor Controversys

Wednesday Season 2 Is Removing 1 Major Character Amid Actor Controversys

Wednesday Season 2 Is Removing 1 Major Character Amid Actor Controversy

Wednesday is confirmed to return for a second season on Netflix, with lead star Jenna Ortega teasing that it will be “bigger and better.”
While the plot details and release date of the show’s sophomore run are still being kept under wraps, an unexpected development emerged that prevents one cast member from returning.
Who Is Not Returning in Wednesday Season 2?

According to Daily Mail UK, Wednesday actor Percy Hynes White, who portrayed Xavier Thorpe in Season 1, was “written out” of the show’s second season after he was accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a party in Toronto in January 2023.
Daily Mail shared in the report that a source close to his family confirmed the news, although Netflix has yet to officially comment.
In a statement, an anonymous insider claimed that White “never took part in any of the false claims against him:”
The insider also bashed Netflix for removing White from the show, calling the streaming service “a disgrace” while pointing out that it was “just false rumors:”
Percy Hynes White portrayed Xavier Thorpe in Wednesday Season 1, serving as one of the romantic interests of Jenna Ortega’s titular character.
In January 2023, a series of allegations from multiple users were posted on X (formerly Twitter).
On January 18, one Twitter user claimed that Hynes White assaulted her at a party he hosted in Toronto. The user also shared that he also did it to other women at the party.
The user stated that the actor and his friends gave alcohol and drugs to underage girls to have sex with them.
Another user claimed that the actor called girls “fat, sluts, whores, cunts, ugly, liars” whenever he was rejected.
In an Instagram story in June, White, via Variety, called out allegations made against him by describing them as a “campaign of misinformation:”
The Wednesday actor continued by pointing out that one of his friends was “falsely portrayed as a victim:”
White ended by asserting that the rumors against him are “false,” calling them “baseless, harmful claims:”
Percy Hynes White’s Absence in Wednesday Season 2 Explained
In Season 1, Percy Hynes White’s Xavier Thorpe was accused of being the monster who terrorized Nevermore Academy. This accusation dampened his chances of a potential romance with Wednesday.
However, his charges were dismissed after it was revealed that Tyler was the real villain. At the end of the season, Xavier and Wednesday restored their friendship.
It’s possible that White’s absence as Xavier Thorpe in Season 2 could easily be explained by the fact that he transferred to a different school, leaving Wednesday and Nevermore Academy behind.
Whatever the case, an investigation is needed in order to find out the truth about the allegations against Percy Hynes White, meaning that the actor’s absence in Wednesday Season 2 is necessary.

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