The Chosen Season 4 Streaming Release Controversy s& Delay Explaineds

The Chosen Season 4 Streaming Release Controversy s& Delay Explaineds

The Chosen Season 4 Streaming Release Controversy & Delay Explained

Following the delay of The Chosen Season 4 on streaming, many are wondering what legal troubles are happening behind the scenes with Angel Studios.

In a recent video update, series creator Dallas Jenkins announced a surprising delay to the streaming release of The Chosen Season 4 due to ongoing legal matters.

He emphasized the unique financial challenges faced by the independent production, which lacks the backing of a studio or network.

Jenkins outlined alternative viewing options, including screenings in churches and theaters, with potential discounts, DVD copies, and an accelerated release schedule on The Chosen app.

However, since then more news has been spread about what exactly is happening behind the scenes to cause this delay following The Chosen‘s theatrical run.

The Chosen’s Battle With Angel Studios

Technically, Chosen Inc. is not suing Angel Studios, but they are in a complex legal situation, according to YouTuber The Chosen Sleuth, whom representatives from both companies contacted to clarify previous comments on his page.

For context, Angel Studios sued Brad Pellow (a former Angel executive) in 2022, who later became the president of Chosen Inc. This lawsuit was settled with a new content agreement, leading to the release of Season 3.

However, this bandaged situation has deeper problems than the litigation against Pellow.

According to Newsweek, a filing from February noted that Chosen Inc. informed Angel Studios in April 2023 that it was planning to end its agreement due to a contract breach, but technically no one is actively being sued.

Currently, Chosen Inc and Angel Studios are in arbitration, where both parties are attempting to mediate the situation. If arbitration does not work, Chosen Inc. may proceed with dissolving its content agreement as previously discussed.

Ironically, Pelo initially played a significant role in helping VidAngel remain in business and transition into Angel Studios, where he became chief distribution officer.

However, tensions built when he allegedly prioritized content creation over the platform’s interests, advocating for changes that conflicted with Angel Studios’ objectives.

This conflict escalated when Pelo demanded that Angel Studios relinquish significant distribution rights to The Chosen, leading to his departure from Angel Studios and subsequent involvement with Chosen LLC.

Angel Studios is only a licensee of The Chosen at this point, with the first three seasons still available to watch for free on its site.

According to Deadline, Lionsgate acquired global sub-licensing distribution rights to The Chosen in May 2023. However, the report states that after a theatrical release, the Angel Studios app and The Chosen app remain having exclusive rights in the first window for all seasons of the series.

The current litigation seems to put that report in question, with Chosen Inc. trying to separate itself from Angel Studios.

Unfortunately, these current “legal matters” mentioned by Jenkins in the announcement video may significantly delay its streaming release.

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What’s the Streaming Future of The Chosen Online?

One struggle that The Chosen is facing is its lack of a traditional studio or network to finance production and marketing efforts. Jenkins suggested that the current delay and the steps being taken are aimed at ensuring the show’s future sustainability.

However, the wait for Season 4 on streaming could be significant due to the ongoing legal battle. The timeline of the arbitration over issues between Chosen Inc. and Angel Studios will determine when the new season will be available to stream.

This could take as little as a few weeks, to as much as a few years, as it’s impossible to precisely predict a situation of this near behind closed doors.

Beyond Season 4, Jenkins hinted at the future trajectory of The Chosen, reaffirming plans for three more seasons, consistent with previous statements about a seven-season plot outline and expectations for Season 5 filming to begin in April 2024.

While Jenkins did not mention the possibility of another theatrical release, it remains a potential avenue as Season 4 was a success on the big screen.

Despite the recent streaming setback, The Chosen’s continuity and release remain a priority for everyone involved.

Originally launched as a crowdfunded streaming venture, the faith-based historical series gained traction on multiple streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, Netflix, and The CW.

Season 4 of The Chosen is still playing in theaters, with Seasons 1-3 streaming now on Prime Video and other free platforms.

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