The Bachelor 2024 Spoilerss: Joeys’s Final Rose and s’News’ Winner Revealeds

The Bachelor 2024 Spoilerss: Joeys’s Final Rose and s’News’ Winner Revealeds

The Bachelor 2024 Spoilers: Joey’s Final Rose and ‘New’ Winner Revealed

Reality Steve unveiled a “new” winner of The Bachelor Season 28 after a previous report had Joey proposing to a different woman.

The 2024 season of The Bachelor has been a hit, evidenced by its increasing viewership numbers, consistently outperforming previous seasons and dominating Monday nights since its debut, per Variety.

In a prior article, major spoilers were unveiled about Joey’s season of The Bachelor. This included the tension between Maria and Sydney (correct), Lexi choosing to leave the show (correct), and Daisy receiving the final rose (wrong).

Who Recieves The Final Rose From Joey?

It turns out, Reality Steve was only seeing part of the puzzle. In a recent article, the reality TV scooper held himself accountable, stating, “No beating around the bush here. The spoiler is wrong.”

It turns out Joey is engaged to Kelsey A. and has been since the season stopped filming, so what happened?

Despite initial speculation, Joey’s final decision to choose Kelsey has been confirmed, leading to an even greater question of what the “never before seen ending” which has been teased since Episode 1 was.

This unprecedented ending is a unique moment where Daisy, realizing she will not be chosen, proactively approaches Kelsey the night before the final rose ceremony to express her support, breaking the norm of contestant interactions.

Essentially, Daisy realizes she is not Joey’s choice and tells Kelsey how she feels and that she will say this to him the next day.

How Does The Bachelor 2024 End?

On the final rose ceremony day, Daisy arrives first and has a heartfelt conversation with Joey, acknowledging that she realizes she’s not the one for him, leading to a positive breakup.

This unprecedented event marks a deviation from the typical Bachelor dynamics, with Daisy proactively addressing the situation before the ceremony.

Her amicable departure quickly sparked speculation about Daisy’s potential as the next Bachelorette, given her popularity and the positive publicity it could generate, especially regarding her representation of the deaf community.

While it is uncertain if Daisy desires this role, her graceful exit from the show sets a compelling narrative for a potential future as the Bachelorette, with her heartfelt words paving the way for a seamless transition.

In many ways, this ending seems anticlimactic, while typically the final two contestants don’t speak before the Final Rose, the ending is essentially Daisy getting ahead of the situation and not setting herself up for further heartbreak.

As this is expected to unfold over the next few weeks, it will be fascinating for viewers to see Joey begin to fall more in love with Kelsey as it’s unclear right now in the season who the true favorite is heading into Hometowns.

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