Spider-Verse 2s: New Photos Reveal Best Look at Spider-Punk Unmaskeds

Spider-Verse 2s: New Photos Reveal Best Look at Spider-Punk Unmaskeds

Spider-Verse 2: New Photos Reveal Best Look at Spider-Punk Unmasked

An unmasked look at everyone’s favorite anti-establishment Spider-Person, Hobie Brown, came in the form of a new, highly detailed figure from Hot Toys.
Spider-Punk came onto the scene of Sony’s smash hit Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse a good way into the movie’s runtime. But the web-slinging anarchist voiced by Daniel Kaluuya quickly became a fan-favorite.
His design was quite unique as well, constantly shifting art styles and moving at a different frame rate than the rest of the characters. The only drawback to this was that it was sometimes difficult for viewers to get a good, full look at Spider-Punk’s visuals.
Hot Toys Offers Detailed Look at Spider-Punk

High-end figure maker Hot Toys, in the exact type of corporate merchandising that he’d likely rally against, has produced a new one-sixth scale, articulated rendition of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’s Spider-Punk.

For fans of the character, this offering from Hot Toys seems like the ultimate get, as he looks to be impeccably captured from his animation model.

His head sculpt includes all of Hobie’s jewelry, such as his earrings, in exacting detail, and it marks one of the first times fans have gotten a good look at the character unmasked.
Spider-Punk’s dreadlocks, which would clearly never fit under his mask in real life, are on full display with this figure.
Speaking of his mask, the figure comes with an alternate, swappable masked portrait
Hobie is packed in with a few key accessories, including a backdrop and his trademark guitar.
Will Spider-Punk Return in Spider-Verse 3?
Hobie Brown will absolutely return for Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse, despite the film not presently having an attached release date.
Spider-Punk was on the team of heroes that Gwen Stacy assembled to rescue Miles Morales in the closing minutes of Across the Spider-Verse, so, obviously, he’ll be back for the next one.
Beyond the Spider-Verse has been indefinitely delayed from its original March 2024 slot, and removed from Sony’s release calendar.
But producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller have assured fans that the crew is “hard at work” on the highly-anticipated threequel.
The first two films in the series, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, are available for purchase wherever movies are sold.

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