Sony Issues Statement on Removal of Star Warss: KOTOR Trailers

Sony Issues Statement on Removal of Star Warss: KOTOR Trailers

Sony Issues Statement on Removal of Star Wars: KOTOR Trailer

After the debut trailer for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Star Wars: KOTOR) was recently removed online, Sony Entertainment issued a statement on the confusing matter for the Star Wars PlayStation game.
Two decades after the original KOTOR game brought joy to Xbox gamers, PlayStation 5 users will get to revisit this beloved story with a remake of the game coming from developer Aspyre.
However, with only one trailer released and reports hinting that the game was in danger of being canceled, its upcoming release comes with plenty of questions.
Star Wars: KOTOR Developer Discusses Trailer Removal

On Friday, September 29, IGN reported fans were worried that the upcoming Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake would be canceled after its reveal trailer for the game was taken off the internet.
Following those concerns, Sony (via issued a statement on the trailer removal, explaining that it was taken down due to issues with music licensing:
“Sony has issued a statement in response to the removal of ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic’ remake trailers and tweets, insisting it has to do with music licensing.”
A Sony spokesperson told IGN that the company takes down assets that feature licensed music “when the licenses expire” as part of its normal business process.
This comes more than a year after the Star Wars: KOTOR game was delayed indefinitely, with some believing it wouldn’t be available to the public until as late as 2025.
When Will Star Wars: KOTOR Actually Be Released?
This trailer removal only adds to the laundry list of issues that the Star Wars: KOTOR remake has faced over the years.
Development has reportedly been put on hold as Aspyr continues to deal with shake-ups from within. Word was that the KOTOR remake would be transitioned over to Saber Interactive, but nothing official has come out on that subject.
To make matters worse, Aspyr and Saber-owner, Embracer Group, is dealing with issues of its own. The gaming conglomerate has found itself in financial woes as of late, shutting down Saints Row developer Volition, and taking cost-cutting measures like mass layoffs.
Despite previous reporting things were going swimmingly on the title, all of this does not paint a pretty picture for the future of the KOTOR remake.
To put it simply, fans should not expect this highly-anticipated remake to be ready to play anytime soon unless any drastic updates come to fruition.

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