Saw X Movie Reviewss: Critics Share Strong First Reactionss

Saw X Movie Reviewss: Critics Share Strong First Reactionss

Saw X Movie Reviews: Critics Share Strong First Reactions

Kevin Greutert’s Saw X was just screened for select critics, who are now sharing their thoughts about the new sequel on Twitter.
The highly anticipated tenth entry in the horror franchise sees the return of Tobin Bell’s franchise mainstay John Kramer as he heads to Mexico, hoping to receive a miracle treatment for his cancer. Instead of getting cured, he gets scammed—an event that sets a new sadistic Jigsaw game into motion.
Also joining the fun for the series’ longest film yet will be Shawnee Smith’s Amanda Young, who is a veteran of the franchise, first appearing in 2004’s Saw.
Saw X Garners Strong Reactions

A handful of critics have seen Saw X, and their thoughts on the film are notably positive.
Chris Killian from declared Saw X as “probably the best Saw sequel in about 15 years:”
Nightmarish Conjurings’ Shannon McGrew claimed audiences will “gain deeper insight into [franchise villain John Kramer]:”
Kaitlyn Booth from Bleeding Cool shared how Saw X was the first movie in the franchise that she’s seen, and that “Tobin Bell really is something in this role:”
Simon Thompson revealed that he thinks the tenth entry is “bound hands down one of the best in the franchise:”
Vannah Taylor agreed with the common sentiment that it “is easily one of the best crafted films in the franchise,” one that “delivers a more emotional story:”
The Direct’s own Russ Milheim loved the movie, stating that “Jigsaw’s latest sadistic game cuts to the bone:”
Will Audiences Love Saw X?
Interestingly enough, the Saw franchise has never had a fresh Rotten Tomatoes critic approval rating in its entire history. The highest the series has gotten was 50% for 2004’s original film, with the lowest being Saw: The Final Chapter at 9%.
The reception seen for Saw X from critics is certainly promising and could point to the film being the best-received movie yet—which is impressive considering that it’s the tenth entry.
If the film’s performance at the box office lines up with that positive reception, fans should not be worried in the slightest about the series’ future.
But what will a Saw XI look like? Will it serve as a prequel like Saw X did, or might it jump back to the story’s present day, where plot threads from Jigsaw and Spiral are still dangling?
Only time will tell. But, given how Tobin Bell’s involvement seems to be a big part of why this tenth movie is well received, Lionsgate will certainly want to keep him in the picture somehow.
Saw X hits theaters on September 29.

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