Renslayers’s Big Role In Loki Season 2 Teased by Producers

Renslayers’s Big Role In Loki Season 2 Teased by Producers

Renslayer’s Big Role In Loki Season 2 Teased by Producer

A producer for Loki Season 2 just teased the larger role of Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s Ravonna Renslayer in the show’s upcoming episodes.
While fans have now been able to watch Season 2’s premiere, Renslayer is mostly absent from the proceedings—only briefly appearing in a tantalizing recorded conversation between herself and one of Kang the Conqueror’s Variants.
Not only has Mbatha-Raw’s character not been seen onscreen, but she also isn’t featured in much of the show’s marketing materials either.
The last time audiences saw Renslayer, she had left the TVA with Miss Minutes “in search of free will”—almost certainly putting her on a collision course with one of Jonathan Majors’ many Variants.
Renslayer Will Have a Big Role in Season 2

In an interview with Variety, Loki Season 2 producer Kevin Wright alluded to Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s Ravonna Renslayer having a huge role in these new episodes.
Wright started the conversation by discussing how the team came to the decision to focus more on the TVA and building out its history. The producer noted how they felt “much of [their] core character conflict” would be coming from that place:
“Because that felt like where so much of our core character conflict was going to come from. There was so much intersectionality of our characters and what they think of the TVA.”
He went on to mention key players like Sylvie, Mobius, and B-15. But then, Wright brought Renslayer into the conversation, revealing that audiences will “get a real understanding of why” she feels the way she does about her goal:
“Sylvie wants to burn it down because the apple is rotten, as she says… Mobius and B-15, they’ve dedicated their whole life to it. They’re not quite ready to give it up. Renslayer feels like she’s been keeping it together, and you get a real understanding of why she thinks she should be the one to get this thing back on track.
The producer explained that they want “Everybody to be in the gray area:”
“We want everybody to be in the gray area — they’re neither good nor bad. They might make bad choices or heroic choices, but they are trying to figure out who they are. The TVA felt like the place where we could maximize that storytelling and learn more about those characters through that.”
What is Renslayer Up to Now?
While Ravonna Renslayer hasn’t shown up yet in Loki Season 2, fans already knew she would be returning. It was just a matter of when exactly it would be happening.
Given the audio recording that Loki stumbled into while briefly in the past, it would be strange if Ravonna and Jonathan Majors’ He Who Remains didn’t spend some time together sooner rather than later.
Judging from the brief glimpses of the character in marketing footage, where she can be seen in the past, it’s likely that Ravonna will be crossing paths with Victor Timely. The new Variant of Kang the Conqueror was first glimpsed in the post-credits scene for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.
Hopefully, Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s character will show back up again sooner rather than later. The storyline for the former Judge is a big deal—it could easily continue straight into the likes of both Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars.
Loki Season 2 is now streaming on Disney+.

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