Remnant 2 DLC 2s: Next Releases, Updates s& Mores

Remnant 2 DLC 2s: Next Releases, Updates s& Mores

Remnant 2 DLC 2: Next Release, Updates & More

Fans sit eagerly as Remnant 2 heads toward the release of its long-awaited DLC expansion.

Cribbing on franchises like Dark SoulsDestiny, and Diablo, Gunfire Games’ Remnant franchise has offered gamers a white-knuckling looter shooter experience since its debut in 2019.

The ante was upped, though, in 2023, as Remnant 2 hit Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, thrusting the series into a new stratosphere. The lead-pumping sequel earned rave reviews, earning a stellar 82% on review aggregator OpenCritic.

When Will Remnant 2’s Second DLC Release?

Beyond its initial release, several DLC expansions were promised for Remnant 2.

The first—The Awakened King—was released in November 2023, and no release specifics for DLC 2 have been made public.

It has been mentioned that all DLC content for the title will be released within a year of the game’s debut (July 25, 2023).

Seeing as The Awakened King was released four months after Remnant 2‘s base game, one can assume the release date for the game’s second DLC expansion could be imminent.

If DLC 2 were to follow a similar development path as the first, the expansion’s release would be sometime in the next couple of weeks, as of writing.

However, one also has to consider that game development is not always linear, and there is always the chance that this particular batch of content could take longer than expected or get delayed from its expected late March or early April release.

How To Buy Remnant 2’s DLC

Those looking to get in on the action on Remnant 2‘s can do so in various ways.

The second DLC offering will be available for purchase a la carte upon release just like all the game’s other downloadable content.

Gamers can also pre-order the DLC through various means. Buying the Ultimate Edition (or upgrading to it after purchasing the base game) allows access to all three DLC packs as they come out.

The Ultimate Edition (and the DLC when it is released) can be purchased through Arc Games, Steam, the Epic Games Store, PlayStation, and Xbox.

What Will Be Included in Remnant 2’s Second DLC Pack?

No specifics of what will be included in Remnant 2 DLC 2 have been made public.

But assuming it will be similar to The Awakened King, gamers can expect a few things from the forthcoming release.

As described on Remnant‘s official website, the DLC packs for the hit shooter will include “new story elements, creatures, and environments.”

This came to fruition in the first DLC expansion as a new campaign on one of Remnant 2‘s worlds known as Losomn, providing players with new missions to complete, bosses to defeat, and loot to discover.

For DLC 2, the team at Gunfire Games will focus on one of the game’s other iconic biomes, debuting a set of missions on Yaesha or Ne’rud.

Will There Be More Remnant 2 DLC?

Thankfully, DLC 2 is not the end of Remnant 2‘s post-release roadmap.

The development team behind the title has promised three DLC expansions to be released in the game’s first year on the market.

That means at least one more DLC pack beyond this forthcoming one will make itself known sometime before July 25.

Beyond that, nothing has been guaranteed, but the Gunfire Games team teased more down the line.

According to Gunfire Games President David Adams (via Exputer), he hopes to add things like a survival mode to the title:

“Right now, we are focused on the second DLC we’re working on. That’s the ‘official’ answer. The ‘unofficial’ answer is we would love to explore a new game mode. Maybe not exactly like Survivor, but something that scratches the same itch.

He also posited that he “love[s] the game and want[s] to keep adding stuff” if given the opportunity:

“As a team, we are pretty organic in our plans for the game… for instance, the Aberration event we did in October wasn’t some master planned update; it was something we tried out that we thought would be cool, so we released it to the players for free. The short answer is: who knows? We love the game and want to keep adding stuff to give more value to our players.”

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