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We need to start Word Are But Wind T-shirt . Looking at our blessings instead of all of the negative stuff around us because tomorrow is never promised. Had a funSanta moment at our local Michael ‘s craft store with Mrs Clausthis Sunday afternoon. I saw a young dad’s name, Brian, on his jacket. He was with his their adorable daughter, grandparents and other familymembers. Well, Santa, from some distance away, noticed that they had noticed Mrs Claus, in her new red woolen cape, and yours truly. Santa sensed he was ‘on’ so nearing their aisle, I made a comment about how Brian had had a good year and remained on my Nice List. They all seemed to enjoy this, especially their smiling, dimpled daughter. Well, as we exchanged pleasantries, the mom shared that last December, while VERY pregnant, she had asked me (at the mall) to have a picture with Santa listening to her not remembered their faces, but I did recall the shot with a mother-to-be.

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Well, after they shared some sweet comments about their experience there last December, upon hearing we would not be back at that Mall this year, Word Are But Wind T-shirt .Thank you for the anniversary shirts, hoodie, long-sleeved shirt, women’s T-shirt, I believe the T-shirt will definitely bring you joy when wearing it. Thanks for trendteeshirts supporters. So hope you like it. Children love finding surprises left on their doorstep. Wrap up your elf and package him as if he were being mailed. Add creative “North Pole” and “fragile” labels to the box. Address your package to the children of the home. Include Santa Claus and the North Pole as part of the return address. If you’d like, include some candy canes or other simple Christmas treats with the well as an introductory letter and instructions. Whether you choose to go to the added effort and expense of mailing him to your home or not.
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