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When traveling I always Skeleton never lost a party shirt . Look for different and interesting places to eat. One of my friends wife always chastised us for eating at non-traditional eateries. She would warn us about half rinsed plates that would have soap on them, etcetera etcetera. It never deterred us even after getting a system cleaning from eating in a Skeeter’s Big Biscuits along Hwy 75 once. Whewww, that led to a long evening on the I love barbecue and always seek a good rib spot. I have had them from Miami to Baltimore to South Carolina to LA and Texas – I’m going to find them and try them but that story is for another day. I love to find the local food spot, where the While eating some hot, freshly cooked chicken at Willie Mae’s Scotch House in New Orleans, I ended up having a conversation with someone who was visiting, like me.

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He was going to watch his grandson play in the Louisiana State Championships in Football in the Superdome Skeleton never lost a party shirt .He told me one ticket gets you in for the day. Whatever you’re doing, you’d rather be reading. You’re trying to be a regular, sociable person with a normal life, but every time you’re sitting at work, shooting the breeze with your friends, or trying to attend to life’s minor annoyances like shopping and dating, you find your mind wandering. All you can think about is getting back into that amazing story, and then smell of new pages yet to be discovered. If you’re not reading, you’re not happy. Wear this tee and let them know that if you seem to be off in another world, it’s because in your heart, you are. Reading is more than a hobby for you. It’s a passion you indulge in every chance you get. You’re a book-devouring, word-gobbling reading fanatic and you don’t care who knows it. There’s no shame in that. This tee or hoodie will keep you looking and feeling good when you’re cruising the aisles at a bookstore or library.
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