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You deleted your comment before Show me your Taco shirt . I could reply I say ‘comment’, it was more like of someone throwing up underneath a photo of me. Anyways, you asked why I stalked your photos. I didn’t really, I just clicked your profile. Everything is public – like your comment under my photo. I checked you out because I was wondering what kind of person would leave abuse like that under strangers’ photos. I wanted to get to know you. I saw that you had a cat, an aunt, a girlfriend, very pretty eyes, some fears about people thinking you are gay and you also seem to have some body issues. I’m sorry about that. I used to have them too. I get it. But then you deleted the comment just as we were connecting and finding common ground. What a shame. Don’t worry. I took screenshots.

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I have now answered why I looked at your photos Show me your Taco shirt . Maybe you can answer me: Why did you leave a gif of someone throwing up underneath a photo of me?. Wouldn’t you be sad if someone left that underneath a photo of you? Or Baby, your beautiful cat?. I mean ok thanks for doing this. even though i do feel bad for what i did, it kinda sucks that you gotta put me on the spotlight. I dont care if people think im gay or not, because i am fucking gay, and that’s not my cat’s name btw. you can’t just take everything written on my profile seriously. I could tag the others. I know this is cheesy but it’s true no matter how old you are. I watched you guys grow up and I felt like you were my own at times. I may be old and not cool anymore but I still feel this way. None of my puckermob articles have been loading for 2 months and it’s literally deteriorating my happiness meter. Kelley Corman exactly how I feel about the girls even though I can’t exactly be counted as this yet.
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