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Not sure about this Radiohead the bends shirt . Pretty sure time travel isn’t physically possible that time is a man made concept. We can make things go faster or slower, make them hotter or colder, etc. because those are physically alterable properties. Time is merely something we use to keep track of life and doesn’t really exist outside of our own minds. Hypothetically, if you were to travel say, 6 months into the past with no spatial displacement, you would end up floating in space because the Earth would be on the opposite side of the sun. I know when it comes to sci-fi, they can’t account for everything and I don’t expect them to. So I’m not nit-picking or anything, I’m just wondering if this is something that has been addressed to any detail, as it seems like it would have to be a major component of any time travel.

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Wait so using your example, if you were to travel back 6 months into the past wouldn’t you end up in the Earth since you’d had traveled back to a time where the Earth was rather than were it is Radiohead the bends shirt . I’m not sure if this makes sense, I’m having a hard time putting it into words. The above statement is in quotation because it’s someone elses question. I just reposted it because i find it interesting in theory. Unlesss coordinates are mapped or targeted somehow, and time is a constraint of direction, the exact moment you travel through space time wouldn’t be the same spot you would end up unless tethered by something. The Earth moves through space at quite a pace. It wouldn’t be in the same spot as when you left. Higher likelihood if you do it near a nebula or something similar). Another way around it is to create a device to “lock onto.” This would be something like the Stargate.
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