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In Celtic art the serpent On Cruise Mode Halloween Shirt . Represents the cyclic nature of life and of the earth’s mysteries. It was an important symbol to the Druids of old Ireland and is found on much old Celtic jewellery. The Neck Serpent design is reminiscent of Bronze Age Celtic torc necklaces. Serpents also feature in many Irish myths, as huge dragon like things!Cranes feature in Irish mythology as “messengers of the gods”, long legged birds like these were often illustrated in Old Christian gospels like the Book of Kells. Cranes can symbolise peace, as they have a non-confrontational manner in nature. They can symbolise parent hood too, as unlike many creatures in the wild, both parents look after the young. They are delicate, graceful animals that we have honoured ourselves with this beautifully colourful design.

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This is the name of the town that our shop has been in since 1979 On Cruise Mode Halloween Shirt . ‘Leacht Ui Chonchuir’ translates from Irish as ‘tomb / resting place of O’Connor.’ The O’Connors laid claim to this land in the 1300’s. So the story goes, In 1471 an O’Connor chieftain was murdered in his castle (what is now called Dough Castle near Liscannor Bridge) by his nephews and was buried at the end of what is now the main street of Lahinch. This design plays on the image of the surfers, referring to the iconic images of the men of the aran islands carrying their currachs. (boats) Lahinch is now mostly a ‘surfer’ town, The Wild Atlantic Way has provided many with a livelihood, but the sea and our coastlines itself will (hopefully) always remain wild and untamed, same could be said about a lot of locals!The children of Lir is an old Irish legend of magic, hard ship and family bonds. The four children of King Lir were tranformed into swans by their jealous step mother and cursed spend 300 years on 3 different lakes, after which they returned to human form and died. This original design is by Michael O’Connor in a mosaic style.
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