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The thing is forms a Larry Holmes The Easton Assassin shirt . Spiderman like suit for Eddie because it had previously been attached to Peter. But if there’s no Peter, why did it still take the form of the black Spiderman suit. How is a symbiote that forms itself the same as a Spider-Man suit thats been made or built, the difference right there. People need to get over spidey not being in this. Brandon Tyler Streit I was one of the ppl pissed about it not being attached to Spider-Man myself but after watching the trailers and recognizing and understanding the direction they’re going with the venom character, I’m board. Movie looks great and if executed right, it could really be a good film and start of a new franchise/universe. I can see blade, the punisher if there wasn’t already a Netflix show and many other R rated film type Marvel being added to this universe instead of the MCU Disney, they don’t really do R rated films so why not.It’s funny that so many of you.

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I know its some sort of stand alone or re telling, but all I’m pointing out is that the whole origin of the symbiote literally starts with Peter then eventually moves on to Eddie Larry Holmes The Easton Assassin shirt . That’s why the symbiote has memories of Spiderman’s powers and looks because he was one with Peter and his red and blue suit, hence the distinct Spiderman esque eyes and Venom’s ability to climb walls, sling goo, and swing around. I just hope they explain that in the movie. Spiderman might be in a cameo so those who are complaining there already planning on that and the white vains will eventually form into the spider symbol. Jah Udo sony is doing a kind of without spiderman, so all those you put wont be there, but they will be in marvel R because is confirmed they will films when disney finally buy fox and get deadpool. The eyes arent definitively. Venom has had many eye shapes. The eye shape is similar to Deadpool, Deathstroke, Spawn. This is not a Spider Man only trait.
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