Game of Fencing shirt

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Game of Fencing shirt

I thought it was the Game of Fencing shirt that killed the vegetation and trees that caused humans to walk on two legs because the distance between trees became bigger and walking the far distance on our knuckles became unbearable forcing us to walk on two legs! Sounds more logical then exploding stars. By the comments you can tell that to some people, evolution still hasn’t given them a good and functional brain. Our bipedal ancestor which was a close relative to the human’s and chimpanzee’s ancestor, which was bipedal too lived million years ago.

Game of Fencing shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Game of Fencing Hoodie
Game of Fencing Hoodie
Game of Fencing Ladies Tee
Game of Fencing Ladies Tee
Game of Fencing Ladies Vneck
Game of Fencing Ladies Vneck
Game of Fencing Sweatshirt
Game of Fencing Sweatshirt

And You guys are saying they started to walk on two legs million years ago? That’s ridiculous, that Game of Fencing shirt is based on a true story. Ardi and Lucy are evidence for it. All of that explained in simple terms simply means that the creation of life wasn’t by accident. There is a governing power. We may call it God or whatever we deem fit, but everything is controlled by this force. We have had enough of this utter nonsense. To a student, use these crap theories just for the Game of Fencing tshirt of passing examinations. It is false just as Darwin theory of revolution is.


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