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With the rest of their classmates Florence Pugh 90s Graphic Shirt . It will still be a modified schedule as we still have to work in therapies and other Dr follow up visits. But it’s a start for them, one they are both looking forward to. John I pray for your family all the time. Hope you are feeling better. Sounds like you had a very rough time.I hope you get answers real soon about Kirsten. This can really be scarey. But you all Strebe Strong so it’s just a matter of time. Thankyou for the I so look forward to your talented writings. God Bless All of you. After Kirsten’s therapy appointments today we were able to get her into see her Pediatrician. Kirsten has been getting a lot of head rushs when she stands.

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This was even a issue prior to the accident, but seems to be magnified since the accident Florence Pugh 90s Graphic Shirt .Normally she will stand up from sitting on the sofa, stand for a second just to make sure she was stable then begin to walk. On a pretty regular basis she would take 3 to 4 steps towards her bedroom and hold onto the archway stop and tell us she just had a head rush. Well unfortunately last night was not a normal night. We were all sitting in the living room. Kirsten stood up and took three steps towards her I will have to admit, she was right. No way I could have tolerated the drive home with the nausea with every bump the car hit in the roadway just going to the Dr. Received some anti nausea meds, tylenol and quite a few sleeping aides to attempt to sleep through the Again Julie picked up all the slack and allowed me to just exist medicated and tried to sleep through as much as possible. Today was a day we had to divide and conquer. Julie left in the morning to take Kirsten to all of her therapy appointments, and I drove Elias to Children’s Hospital for two follow up visits with.
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