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Making that first proved Bram Stokers Dracula Halloween Monsters shirt . To be a great experience and the design started attracting attention. They received a lot of interest from people wanting to know where they could get one.The founders decided to see if that interest was present online so they created a few more designs and with that was born. The name “Kwotees” comes from the original which contained a quote. They decided to create a whole line of quote-containing tee designs, hence kwotees The range of designs is continuing to grow and be refined so that they have something for everyone. All their are made and printed in the USA using only premium quality materials.Zagreb, Croatia – Skully and friends is a new label designed in Zagreb, CroatiaHe realized how in the often too serious adult world full of pressures, deadlines and stress his son’s drawings inspired him to keep things light, take most of it in stride and resist temptation to overthink and get scared, but just give things a go. And yes, relish in the liberating feeling of making a few mistakes in the process and the sweet uncertainty of the outcome.

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It was founded by Hrvoje after he noticed his son’s drawings of funny looking characters Bram Stokers Dracula Halloween Monsters shirt . He appreciated their simple, comedically creepy expression. Soon, the drawings’ apparent weirdness reminded Hrvoje of how fun it was when he was a kid when all he did was play, tinker, question, explore, wander, do things the ‘wrong’ way, make a mess, daydream and just indulge in crazy ideas of what the world is about and what the creatures in it mean, do and look like. After a thought crossing his mind that other people probably wouldn’t mind getting their day brightened by these imperfectly perfect kids’ scribbles, reminding them of life’s rudimentary freedoms to create and keep figuring out this crazy world we’re in however we please, Hrvoje got together with his siblings to figure out how to share this newfound joyous mission with the rest of us. Taking the lead from his and his siblings’ kid’s drawings, along with their half-baked yet disarmingly honest messages on some profound life’s truths (“you can lose a balloon but you cannot lose a friend!”), Hrvoje started giving them a new life as Skully and friends designs.
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