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He was with his wife 64 Chevy Impala Retro Lowrider shirt . Their adorable daughter, grandparents and other familymembers well, Santa, from some distance away, noticed that they had noticed Mrs Claus, in her new red woolen cape, and yours truly. Santa sensed he was ‘on’ so nearing their aisle, I made a comment about how Brian had had a good year and remained on my If you don’t like They all seemed to enjoy this, especially their smiling, dimpled daughter.Well, as we exchanged pleasantries, the mom shared that last December, while VERY pregnant, she had asked me (at the mall) to have a picture with Santa listening to her blossoming belly! I had not remembered their faces, but I did recall the shot with a mother-to-be.

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Well, after they shared some sweet comments about their suggested we move to the Christmas tree aisle and Mrs Claus took the smiling child as Mom and Dad gathered round us! Truly a fun, meaningful connection for all 64 Chevy Impala Retro Lowrider shirt . We had told them our story as retired clergy and we wished Adam, a brother, safety as he would leave for Basic Training at the end of the Santa is ‘on’ more often than not, so it’s important to be a good influence, Also, this Santa wishes we would remember to ask people to send us such pictures, so many we never see.I know I said I wanted to speak about three people who embody what the Christmas spirit should be, but I want to mention a fourth. I have a very dear friend who for the past year has had some rough times. She lost two people who are very close to her and was diagnosed with She has been dealing with treatment and all of the issues that come with it. Had a funSanta moment at our local Michael ‘s craft store with Mrs Clausthis Sunday afternoon. I saw a young dad’s name.
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