Marvels’s Phase 5 Slate Announces 3 New Release Datess

Marvels’s Phase 5 Slate Announces 3 New Release Datess

Marvel’s Phase 5 Slate Announces 3 New Release Dates

A new rumor teased a few release dates for Marvel Studios’ upcoming Phase 5 projects.
Due to the recently concluded writers’ strike and the still ongoing actors’ strike, Marvel was forced to delay a number of movies and TV shows from the MCU’s ever-expanding Multiverse Saga.
While the strikes were just one reason Marvel Studios made this call, it leaves many fans wondering exactly when their favorite MCU heroes will be back in action during both Phase 5 and the upcoming Phase 6.
New MCU Phase 5 Release Dates

Marvel’s recent copyright filings revealed new approximate release date windows for a trio of upcoming MCU projects from Phase 5 that will all premiere on Disney+.
None of these dates are officially confirmed by Marvel Studios, meaning they could all face delays due to the still-going actors‘ strike or other inciting factors.
Agatha: Darkhold Diaries – September 19, 2024

Initially set for a Winter 2023/24 release date at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Agatha: Darkhold Diaries has already been through a number of changes during production. The WandaVision spin-off has seen two title changes since it was first announced, and its release was pushed out of 2023 during Disney’s mass round of delays.
After more concrete information reported for a 2024 release, this copyright indicates that Darkhold Diaries is narrowing in on a September release. Should it go for either eight or nine weeks with its nine-episode slate, it will lead right into Halloween 2024 and give fans something spooky to dive into for the scariest night of the year.
Spider-Man: Freshman Year – November 2, 2024
Due to a number of issues within Marvel Studios’ animation department, Spider-Man: Freshman Year had several issues behind the scenes that left its release timeframe continually in flux. The series only recently got its first official update since its initial announcement at Comic-Con 2022 with images of the show’s leading characters, although its release date was never teased.
This update would put Freshman Year on the schedule for the MCU right near the end of Darkhold Diaries run, although both shows could be moved around so they don’t overlap with one another. And with news starting to be released about the cast for this upcoming show, the hope is that progress is finally being made on production so it can be released to the public.
Ironheart – September 3, 2025

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever introduced Dominique Thorne as Riri Williams, who first suited up as Ironheart throughout that sequel. Her own solo series, Ironheart, was announced at Comic-Con months before that film came out, but it’s been plagued with its own issues behind the scenes that forced numerous delays.
Initially meant to debut in Fall 2023, Ironheart is now looking at a September 2025 release on Disney+, meaning fans will go nearly three years between seeing the next character to honor the Iron Man legacy. And with thrilling new characters being introduced in this show, reportedly including Sacha Baron Cohen as Mephisto, anticipation is high to see what happens.
BONUS: Daredevil: Born Again – 2025
First set to hit Disney+ in Spring 2024, Daredevil: Born Again is now facing more uncertainty than nearly any other Disney+ show thanks to a new report. During the strikes, Marvel actually fired Born Again’s writing team and is looking to completely overhaul the series in order to make sure Daredevil is done the right way in the MCU.
This would force the series into a major delay, pushing its release window by at least a year to sometime in 2025 as Marvel Studios reworks the story almost from the ground up. Hopefully, this will give Daredevil fans the epic ground-level adventure they were expecting as the Man Without Fear finally gets his bonafide MCU canon solo series.
The MCU continues now on Disney+ with Loki Season 2, whose first two episodes are now streaming.

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