Marvel Just Retconned Avengerss: Endgames’s Cap s& Nat Scenes

Marvel Just Retconned Avengerss: Endgames’s Cap s& Nat Scenes

Marvel Just Retconned Avengers: Endgame’s Cap & Nat Scene

Marvel just retconned a new scene into Avengers: Endgame that was never in the original 2019 film.
With a big event crossover movie, it’s easy to always want more. After all, who doesn’t want to see these MCU heroes continually interact?
This is especially true following Phase 4, which featured very little in that regard.
The latest Avengers film was certainly the MCU’s peak when it comes to crossovers, and now, four years later, it has even more new interactions to enjoy.
Scott Lang Offers Extended Conversation With Natasha and Steve

In Marvel’s new book, the same one seen in Ant-Man: Quantumania, written by Scott Lang himself, the size-changing hero revealed an extended discussion between himself, Captain America, and Black Widow during the events of Avengers: Endgame— retconning the reunion between the trio of heroes.
Scott shared that the conversation started the only way it possibly could: in silence.
Nat Began, asking Scott if he knew about the Infinity Stones:
It’s unclear how Scott might know about the Infinity Stones, but perhaps his daughter Cassie told him while she was informing her father about the current situation on Earth.
In response to Black Widow’s explanation, Scott offers up his confusion, which Cap helps clear up:
Natasha tells Scott that “it gets even worse,” and, of course, she isn’t wrong:
Cap’s words fade out, with Scott noting how it’s clear that there is so much hurt within Steve Rogers right now.
Scott described Cap demonstrating by snapping his fingers, a move followed by a deep silence.
After a beat, bewildered, Lang simply questions: “He… snapped his fingers?:”
At that point, the scene picks up in the moment audiences see in the movie: Scott Lang presents his wild idea of time travel—which ends up being the saving grace of half the universe.
The More Avengers: Endgame the Better
Scott Lang interacting with the Avengers felt like a big deal—and very much earned. So, this extended version of his conversation with Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff is likely exciting for many fans.
After all, a scene between those characters can never happen again. Not only is Chris Evans’ Captain America now old and retired, but Black Widow is dead.
Many also enjoy those heavier story beats where the characters deal with the weight of the Blip and the circumstances that come with it.
Given how Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania went down, the size-changing hero will almost certainly have another very important conversation with other MCU icons about the Multiverse’s new threat: Kang the Conqueror. But who will Scott Lang need to confine in first?
Hopefully, he doesn’t end up missing a big chunk of a universal conflict like he did for Thanos’ crusade.

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