Is Rambo 6s: New Blood Releasing In 2024s? Movie Speculation Explaineds

Is Rambo 6s: New Blood Releasing In 2024s? Movie Speculation Explaineds

Is Rambo 6: New Blood Releasing In 2024? Movie Speculation Explained

Fans are flocking to new promotional material for Rambo 6: New Blood, rumored to be releasing in 2024, but there is speculation on whether the movie is real.

Currently, the Rambo franchise stands at five movies in total, with the last one (Rambo: Last Blood) coming in 2019.

Rambo 6: New Blood 2024 – Is It Real?

Popular YouTube channel KH Studio posted a trailer for a new movie said to be released in 2024 titled Rambo 6: New Blood, indicating a return for Sylvester Stallone to his iconic role as John Rambo.

The 79-second trailer teases Stallone’s Rambo seemingly coming out of retirement for one more epic adventure through the desert and the ocean, and he appears to be joined by Punisher actor Jon Bernthal in an undisclosed role.

Most of the material used in the footage comes from franchises like The Expendables and the first five Rambo movies, with Stallone looking different these days at 77 years old.

Unfortunately for those eager to see the Rambo story continue, Rambo 6: New Blood is a fake/made-up movie, and this trailer is a fake one created from past clips of Stallone performances.

There have been relatively recent talks about continuing the Rambo story via a movie or a TV show over the last decade and change, however.

In 2013, Deadline reported a new television series was on the table from Avi Lerner and his Nu Image, teaming up with Entertainment One to take on a story based on the Rambo franchise. Additionally, Stallone was in negotiations to not only be involved on a creative level but potentially reprise his role from the movies.

Deadline later shared in 2015 that Fox had closed a development deal for the TV series, which would have been titled Rambo: New Blood. There was conflicting information on Stallone’s involvement on-screen, but the show was rumored to feature Rambo and his son as the centerpieces.

The series would have explored their complex relationship as his son served as an ex-Navy SEAL, with Rambo himself being a key figure in the story.

However, Deadline later noted Stallone would not be part of the series in any capacity, as his reps gave the following quote to the outlet:

“Contrary to reports, Sylvester Stallone has opted not to participate in the planned ‘Rambo’ television series in any way at all. I wish the others well with the project

In 2016, the show was reimagined into a movie titled Rambo: New Blood (per The Hollywood Reporter), with Brooks McLaren writing the script and Ariel Vromen directing the film, which would not star Stallone as Rambo.

Instead, a younger actor would have taken on the role with Millennium looking to make the character into something of a James Bond-esque figure where multiple actors could pass the torch to one another.

The Hollywood Reporter also spoke with Millennium Media president Jeffrey Greenstein in 2021, who indicated that a Rambo TV series was still in the works even with plans for a new movie, as would other major IPs:

“Our focus has always been on feature film, we do have a slate of TV that we’re developing. But my plan is to focus on our IP within the TV space and build out ‘Has Fallen’ TV, ‘Rambo’ TV, ‘Expendables’ TV. We’re playing around with ‘Hellboy’ TV. So there are lots of opportunities, but I really want to launch something IP-driven first before we start developing original content.”

Stallone then commented on the rumored movie and TV show with The Hollywood Reporter in 2022, saying he believed it would happen while explaining the different kinds of stories he and the studio wanted to tell:

“I think it’s going to happen. I wanted to do it like a Ken Burns documentary on Vietnam, where you drop young Rambo in there and he’s this outgoing guy, football captain, and then you see why he becomes Rambo. But what they want to do is a modern-day story where I pass the torch. That’s getting close.”

The first five Rambo movies are available for purchase via physical and digital media and are streaming on various platforms

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