Hogwarts Legacy DLC 2024s: Releases, News s& Mores

Hogwarts Legacy DLC 2024s: Releases, News s& Mores

Hogwarts Legacy DLC 2024: Release, News & More

Gamers are anxious regarding a potential DLC release for Hogwarts Legacy in 2024.

Initially hitting the market in February 2023 after a long delay in development, Hogwarts Legacy took fans back to the magical world of Harry Potter via a massive new digital adventure.

The game even broke the viewership record for a single-player game on Twitch upon its debut as it peaked at more than 1.27 million concurrent viewers, proving interest in this legacy story has not taken too much of a hit.

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Is There a Hogwarts Legacy DLC Coming?

While no official announcement for a Hogwarts Legacy DLC addition has been made public, recent comments indicate that some additional content for the game will be released later this year

Per IGN from the IGN Fan Fest event in February 2023, game director Alan Tew explained how the team was so busy with the core game itself that they had not planned on pushing any expansions for the game:

“We’ve been really heads down bringing [‘Hogwarts Legacy’] to life, so at the moment there are no current plans for DLC.”

In January 2024, as the game approached its one-year anniversary, the game’s X (formerly Twitter) page indicated PlayStation-exclusive content and other updates from the game would “be available on other platforms later this summer:”

“As we near the one-year anniversary of ‘Hogwarts Legacy,’ we wanted to let our community know that the ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ PlayStation-exclusive content will be available on other platforms later this summer, along with additional updates and features for the game. Stay tuned in the coming months for more details on what’s coming to Hogwarts Legacy this year.

However, this update did not clarify what exactly would come in these updates or whether they would include a full-blown DLC for gamers.

What DLC Could Hogwarts Legacy Release?

Other than the aforementioned Dark Arts Pack, Hogwarts Legacy has plenty of options for potential DLC packs that could make their way into the game sometime in 2024.

One rumored option for the game was a Quidditch-inspired addition, with the iconic Harry Potter sporting event currently being unavailable to play in Hogwarts Legacy.

This seemingly would not be too difficult to include more fully, as players can already move across the entire Wizarding World via broomstick.

Other mechanics could allow fans to use the multiple game balls required for Quidditch along with playing potentially multiple positions on the team.

There could also be new story additions, giving fans a chance to pass the end of the game after defeating Ranrok, locking away the dark magic, and winning the House Cup.

As players go into their sixth and seventh years at Hogwarts, more classes or activities could be developed to play through, or there could be magic-based summer activities to dive into.

Additionally, the game developers could possibly bring new villains into the equation post-Ranrok who require new skills and spells to defeat, which would likely come in a shorter story than the original game.

However, the simplest option is likely the cosmetic variety, with fans gaining access to new cosmetics, outfits, mounts, or other gear to upgrade the look and feel of the experience.

What DLC Can I Buy for Hogwarts Legacy?

Currently, the only DLC addition for Hogwarts Legacy is the Dark Arts Pack, which is available for purchase for $19.99 USD.

This pack is largely a cosmetic one which includes a Thestral mount, a Dark Arts Cosmetics Set, and a Dark Arts Battle Arena.

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