GTA 6 Controversy Explaineds: Why Some Fans Are Angry With the New Games

GTA 6 Controversy Explaineds: Why Some Fans Are Angry With the New Games

GTA 6 Controversy Explained: Why Some Fans Are Angry With the New Game

Despite being the biggest gaming reveal in recent memory, the GTA 6 trailer has spurned up some controversy with fans angry over one particular element.
After more than a decade away, Rockstar Games’ hit sandbox franchise is returning with a bang, taking gamers on a new adventure across the fictional Floridian locale, Leonida.
Despite the game being shrouded in secrecy, reports and widespread leaks hinted at a few things the GTA 6 confirmed, including the game’s protagonist, Lucia.
The GTA 6 Trailer Brings Controversy

A certain contingent of fans are up in arms over the GTA 6 announcement trailer, with some calling the series ‘woke’ because of its new female playable character.

Lucia is a female person of color seen at the center of the initial trailer, in what looks to be a Bonnie and Clyde-style story with her and a yet-to-be-named romantic flame/partner-in-crime.
Because of Lucia’s inclusion, some fans shared their disdain, lambasting developer Rockstar Games for their decision to put such a heavy focus on the character.
X (formerly Twitter) user Mighty Keef collected a few comments from these anti-woke commenters with sentiments like “brown women protagonist = hard pass,” “hope it doesn’t end up being woke alphabet soup,” and “dumpster fire” being shared.
B_Rabbit shared a comment from X user BlackSageD remarking the inclusion of a female protagonist puts the game “in danger of being woke:”
“So i’m learning that the ‘GTA 6’ trailer leaked before it’s intended date. While i’m impressed by the visual fidelity of the game & it does look extremely amazing, i’m still worried about the game being ‘Saint’s Row’ reboot 2.0. This ain’t 2013 anymore & it’s in danger of being woke.”
Another internet commenter posted their thoughts on the social media platform, with a disappointed GIF, saying, “[I] have a feeling GTA 6 will have a lot of woke stuff in it” (via @TheJDTucker).
Why GTA 6’s Female Protagonist Rules
For many, it is going to be a little ridiculous to see this sort of outcry over the fact that a woman will be one of the playable characters in GTA 6, yet the angry internet comments continue nonetheless.
Why does it matter the gender a protagonist presents as or the color of someone’s skin in any particular story?
This is a story being told from a particular point of view. Yes, Lucia will be the playable avatar by which gamers will see GTA 6’s sprawling world and sweeping narrative, but it is HER story THEY are experiencing, not the other way around.
Something that should be pointed out as well, this is not even the first time a female character or a person of color has been the focus of a GTA game.
Technically 1997’s original Grand Theft Auto told the story of four female main characters of all different ethnicities.
The GTA series has long been a tentpole of fairly progressive views in the gaming industry.
Some may see these games as simple crime simulators in a massive open world, but they are very clearly a satire of modern America as seen through a progressive lens.
While the modern GTA titles have not tackled a female protagonist before (in fact, being criticized in some cases for their portrayal of women), putting a female at the center of this narrative could be a fascinating opportunity for Rockstar Games, and allow the studio to perhaps right some wrongs of the past.
With Lucia heading up GTA 6, Rockstar has the chance to explore what it means to be a woman of color in modern America while giving their uniquely Rockstar take on the utter drivel females and other marginalized groups have to put up with just going about their lives day-to-day.
This could be an exciting change for the series, with its diversity better reflecting the real world it is so laboriously trying to mimic.


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