Gen V Showrunner Clears Confusion on Jordans’s Gender-Swap Abilitys

Gen V Showrunner Clears Confusion on Jordans’s Gender-Swap Abilitys

Gen V Showrunner Clears Confusion on Jordan’s Gender-Swap Ability

Gen V fans finally got an official explanation on new gender-swapping hero Jordan Li’s power set following the conclusion of the Amazon Prime Video spin-off
Godolkin University hosted dozens of newcomers to The Boys’ universe in Gen V Season 1, with Jordan Li being just one new face with some wild new powers never seen in this universe before.
Li’s powers most visibly manifest themselves in the fact that they can change gender at will, although they go far beyond that.
Jordan is virtually indestructible and invulnerable in their male form, while the female form can fire energy blasts and boasts heightened agility.
Jordan Li’s Powers Confirmed in Gen V
Gen V showrunner Michele Fazekas clarified and confirmed the exact power set seen in Jordan

Li (played by London Thor and Derek Huh) in an interview with Men’s Health.
According to Fazekas, those powers “took a little while to pin down,” reflecting on an older take on the character that had one version be “a brick wall” while the other “can phase through things:”
“That was one that took a little while to pin down. Even when I came onto the show, we knew that Jordan had the power to switch gender, and we knew that each gender had a different power, and we liked the idea that the powers were complementary of each other. There was an older version of it where one version of Jordan is a brick wall, and the other version of Jordan can phase through things.”
This led to a number of problems logistically for Jordan, particularly with clothing, as fans realize when they are seen in different sexual encounters in Season 1:

“That becomes somewhat of a problem logically; clothing does not exist that also phases. You saw that in Episode 2, where Jordan’s having sex with a guy who can phase through the wall, and he phases through the wall but his underwear is left behind. So, it really became a logistics problem. How does that work if you’re constantly… do you have to always be naked when you’re fighting?”
This led to the conclusion of explaining that, in the simplest terms, Li’s male form is indestructible, “like a tank.” The female form “is, like, agility, power blast,” with both forms joining together for an idea of offensive abilities and defensive abilities:
“Then we came up with the notion of: male Jordan is like a tank, unmovable, brick wall, and female Jordan is, like, agility, power blast. Offense and defense, is how we broadly defined it.”
Will Jordan Li Be in Gen V Season 2?
With Gen V now officially renewed for Season 2 after the first eight episodes performed well on Prime Video, many are wondering what exactly is in store for Jordan Li.
The biggest question moving forward is whether the newly introduced Supe-killing virus developed in The Woods will put this world’s Supes in danger, with Li now also imprisoned in a hospital alongside Marie, Emma, and Andre.
And with Vought and Homelander now making their presence felt before The Boys Season 4, that quartet of God U students now sees firsthand what’s brewing with the Supes vs humans war that’s been brewing since The Boys Season 3.
Li will have a particular axe to grind with Cate after the latter tried to brainwash her, although Cate is now in a new position of power after she and Sam were labeled the Guardians of Godolkin, much to Homelander’s delight.
While it’s still unclear if Jordan will be seen in The Boys’ next season, all evidence points to them being a vital part of Gen V Season 2 as the secrets of Godokin continue to reveal themselves.
Gen V Season 1 is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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