Disneys+’s Moon Knight Reveals Stunning New Poster Amid Season 2 Fan Campaigns

Disneys+’s Moon Knight Reveals Stunning New Poster Amid Season 2 Fan Campaigns

Disney+’s Moon Knight Reveals Stunning New Poster Amid Season 2 Fan Campaign

A stunning new poster for Moon Knight was just revealed amid fan conversation pushing for the Oscar Isaac-led series to get a second season.
While the existence of a second season isn’t confirmed for the fan-favorite project, there have been plenty of discussions about it in the past.
In September 2022, a video between Isaac and Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab prompted speculation about a continuation. At a convention in October of the same year, Isaac himself confirmed that “there have been some specific conversations” about the possibility.
Out of all of Marvel Studios’ Disney+ offerings, Moon Knight is the one most often talked about when it comes to which could get a proper Season 2—outside of Loki, of course, which is in the midst of airing new episodes.
New Moon Knight Poster Revealed

Marvel just revealed a stunning new poster for Moon Knight Season 1.
On their X account, Marvel posted about the new image, which comes in the form of a new limited edition lithograph. The poster, created by artist Seth Groves and titled “Day and Knight,” can be seen below:
For fans of the design, it could be worth checking out the Black Panther-inspired one as well.
The timing of this new Moon Knight poster is well-placed. Recently, big changes behind the scenes at Marvel Studios, which were shown alongside the news that Daredevil: Born Again is getting a massive rework, revealed that the company will be looking to do more multi-season projects in the future.
The recent news restoked the fires of the fan campaign for more Moon Knight.
On their list of the many things occurring on October 11, X user @MEASUREOFTHINGS included the bullet point pointing out how the “Marvel Disney+ changes… could eventually mean Moon Knight Season 2.
Recently, @APENWITHOUTL0VE simply shouted “Moon Knight Season 2!” to the heavens, alongside an appropriate gif of Mark Ruffalo.
In response to the recent news, @thislilstangirl revealed the sacrifice they’d make for Moon Knight Season 2, among other continuations, to be a reality:
“RIP to ‘Daredevil’ fans but I’ll sacrifice ‘Born Again’ for ‘Loki’ Season 3, ‘Ms. Marvel’ Season 2, and ‘Moon Knight’ Season 2 in a heartbeat.”
In response to Marvel’s recent post about the new Moon Knight poster, @worldofHailee simply asked, “When is Moon Knight getting a follow-up?”
@TheHercAboveAll expressed a similar sentiment, stating how they “Need Moon Knight Season 2 to come ASAP.”
Why Isn’t Moon Knight Season 2 Already Confirmed?
Given how Moon Knight ended with a massive cliffhanger, with no clear picture of when it might ever get brought up again, Season 2 seems like it would be a given. Honestly, it’s strange that it wasn’t made official before deciding to tease audiences with a proper introduction to Jake Lockley.
It also seems like it would be difficult to integrate Moon Knight with any other part of the MCU before resolving the big Lockley mystery—which presumably wouldn’t have much time to play out if the character was only a supporting character in other stories.
Plus, Marvel could properly introduce the Kang the Conqueror Variant Rama-Tut, who was briefly seen in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.
The possible inclusion of this particular character did actually appear in rumors recently, though given his Egyptian connections, fans always thought the villain could show up in some form or another.
At the end of the day, many of the MCU projects on Disney+ lend themselves well to continuation. Hawkeye could continue Kate Bishop’s story, Ms. Marvel would be the perfect way to follow up on Kamala Kham after the events of The Marvels, and Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk will always have new cases to solve.
Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney+.

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