Disney Unveils New Look at King Thanos Avengers Rides

Disney Unveils New Look at King Thanos Avengers Rides

Disney Unveils New Look at King Thanos Avengers Ride

Dread it. Run from it. King Thanos is coming to Avengers Campus all the same, and Disney has new details about this new Multiverse experience.
Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige first announced a third ride for Avengers Campus at the 2022 D23 Expo, promising fans the ability to “battle alongside all the Avengers” and against a new villain, King Thanos.
A year later, Disney has updated fans on how they will traverse the Multiverse and the Avengers helping to pull it off.
New Details on King Thanos Avengers Ride
At the 2023 Destination D23, Disney shared a new look at the ride vehicle for its Avengers Campus King Thanos attraction.
According to Disney, this high-tech vehicle is designed to jump “between worlds and even realities – on planet Earth and beyond.”

It will also combine “portal technology and flight capabilities to maneuver through the skies, allowing heroes (and recruits) to deploy wherever they are needed.”
While the story and the overall ride experience, such as its movement and speed, have yet to be revealed, Walt Disney Imagineering teased “physical” and “large-scale” environments, as well as “immersive media.”
In short, this is more than just a simulator or screen-based ride.

It was also revealed that three different MCU franchises contributed to the creation of the reality-jumping vehicle as, according to Marvel, the design is inspired by Tony Stark’s time suits from Avengers: Endgame, Xandarian jump points from Guardians of the Galaxy, and Black Panther Wakandan technology.
But now that Marvel fans know how they will travel to different worlds and timelines, it’s important to note who they will be encountering all the way.
Original concept art revealed for this attraction featured an assemblage of heroes unlike any other, from Thor and both Captain Americas to Ms. Marvel and Daredevil – even animated characters from What If…? will be included.

But that’s not all. In addition to a white-bearded King Thanos, Kevin Feige teased foes from “anywhere and everywhen.”
This suggests Marvel baddies from phases past could return as well.
When in the Multiverse Is King Thanos?
Disney’s upcoming Marvel attraction will be the third at Disney California Adventure’s Avengers Campus, joining the likes of Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission – BREAKOUT and WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure.
But just like the MCU itself, the story of Avengers Campus is connected to other Marvel theme park experiences around the globe, serving as “a Variant of the main MCU timeline” and one that “mirrors” MCU canon.
This is why Iron Man and Black Widow are still alive and able to cross paths with new characters from the latest MCU movies and Disney+ shows.
But once this epic new ride debuts, a Variant timeline won’t only be an explanation for Disney’s Marvel experiences but rather a story all its own and one that allows Avengers Campus to explore the Multiverse alongside the MCU.
Disney’s King Thanos Avengers ride has not yet received an opening date.

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