Chicago Fire Season 12 Gets New Release Window s(Reports)

Chicago Fire Season 12 Gets New Release Window s(Reports)

Chicago Fire Season 12 Gets New Release Window (Report)

Chicago Fire now has a view into a potential release window for its upcoming Season 12 story on NBC.
Brought to life by Law & Order mastermind Dick Wolf, Chicago Fire is the fourth spin-off from the Chicago family alongside Chicago P.D., Chicago Med, and Chicago Justice.
Currently starring Taylor Kinney, David Eigenbeng, Eamonn Walker, and more, this series follows Chicago’s firefighters, rescue personnel, and paramedics at Firehouse 51, with Season 12 being greenlit in April 2023.
Chicago Fire Gets New Update for Season 12

The Wrap revealed that Chicago Fire is looking to return to action for Season 12 with a 10 to 13-episode count that could debut in the middle of the TV season.
According to a source close to production for this show and other Dick Wolf entries, Chicago Fire is described as a “well-oiled machine” that should be able to get back to work easily and produce its Season 12 slate without many issues.
The Hollywood Reporter has shared that Chicago Fire Season 12 is set to begin filming during the last week of November.
Chicago Fire will seemingly be one of the first scripted shows from any network to return to the air, as an insider familiar with NBC’s scheduling told The Wrap that “Chicago” series like Chicago Fire Season 12 are aiming to release in late January 2024.
With this release window info, fans should expect Chicago Fire’s next season to premiere in either late January of February 2024 at the latest.
What to Expect from Chicago Fire Season 12
With the cast going through several changes over the past couple of years, the other big question that remains up in the air is who could potentially come back for Season 12 when it arrives.
The biggest mystery lies with original series lead Jesse Spencer, who left the show after Season 10 and only had a guest role in Season 11, although he told Deadline in May 2023 that he “cannot…answer that question” when asked about a potential comeback.
He did also note that the “potential to come back would be awesome” should that chance become a reality, although there’s no telling yet whether Season 12 will feature the series’ first headliner after his surprise proposal to Kara Killmer’s Sylvie Brett.
Taylor Kinney is also set to return as Lieutenant Kelly Severide after leaving in Season 11, and following last season’s cliffhanger with Christian Stolte’s Mouch, many are wondering whether he’ll make it back from a massive shrapnel injury.
Thankfully, with the Hollywood strikes now in the rearview mirror, Chicago Fire should be on its way back to operating as normal in the near future.
The first 11 seasons of Chicago Fire are now streaming on Peacock, and Season 12 doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet.

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