Barbie Movie Gets News, Longer Runtime for Theatrical Re-Releases

Barbie Movie Gets News, Longer Runtime for Theatrical Re-Releases

Barbie Movie Gets New, Longer Runtime for Theatrical Re-Release

Not only is Barbie coming back to theaters for a re-release, but it will be back with even more footage than before, giving it an extended runtime.
Barbie became an international sensation when it was first released in July, earning rave reviews from critics and fans while becoming the biggest box office hit of 2023 at over $1.4 billion globally.
Now, the film is set for a re-release in IMAX just under 10 weeks after initially debuting in theaters on July 14.
Barbie Re-Release Brings Extended Runtime

Following an official announcement from Warner Bros., AMC Theaters began ticket sales for a Barbie re-release coming to IMAX theaters, which will only be for seven days starting on Friday, September 22, sporting an even longer runtime.
The movie was listed as exactly 2 hours long.
This runtime is six minutes longer than the initial theatrical release, which came in at 1 hour and 54 minutes.
Officially titled Barbie: The IMAX Experience, the re-release will include a greeting from director Greta Gerwig along with a post-credits scene, giving the film its extra length.
Initially, Barbie didn’t include a post-credits scene, and there is no update on what will be included this time around.
Will Barbie’s Re-Release Help Lead to a Sequel?
Barbie star Margot Robbie certainly seems to believe that a possible Barbie 2 “could go a million different directions” should it get the green light.
Nothing is confirmed for a sequel right now; however, considering the immense success Barbie saw in its initial run – and the fact that it’s already being re-released in theaters – Warner Bros. seemingly has every reason to look at more Mattel-based adventures.
The 2023 hit broke numerous records at the box office and now ranks as the 14th-highest-grossing movie ever, sitting in between Avengers: Age of Ultron and Frozen II.
Robbie earned an enormous payday for the work she put in the first time, and it’s abundantly clear that she wants to explore her character further now that she’s embracing the human world.
Even with plenty of work to do from a logistics standpoint on a sequel, as long as Barbie 2 retains the themes its predecessor laid out, Warner Bros. should have the recipe for another success story.
Barbie is now available for digital purchase, and it does not have a confirmed release date for its debut on Max.

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