Aquaman 3 Chances Get Official Update from Franchise Directors

Aquaman 3 Chances Get Official Update from Franchise Directors

Aquaman 3 Chances Get Official Update from Franchise Director

James Wan, the director of the first two Aquaman films, may return for Aquaman 3 under one condition.
Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is set to be released on December 20, and will notably be the final movie in the DCEU before James Gunn and Peter Safran’s new universe kicks off with Superman: Legacy in 2025.
Wan recently revealed via Instagram that he is already working on another upcoming superhero project, but this time it is in the form of an animated Disney+ series called Gargoyles.
Star Jason Momoa was already asked about the possibility of Aquaman 3, where he stated that he “highly doubts it” would have a lighthearted tone. Based on his comments, the actor didn’t actually rule out that it could happen at some point, but instead commented on the feeling of the potential threequel if it were to happen.
James Wan on Potentially Directing Aquaman 3

In an interview with Empire, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom director James Wan was asked if he would ever return to helm Aquaman 3 if it were ever greenlit.
Wan pointed out how he has never “directed a third movie [in a series] before,” and that he would only come back on one condition – that he would have “the same freedom” as he was given with Aquaman and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom:
“I haven’t directed a third movie [in a series] before, so I’d be open to doing another [‘Aquaman’] if I got the same freedom I’ve had on these first two.”
The director then mentioned that James Gunn and Peter Safran could be going in a different “direction” with their upcoming DCU, so he realizes that Aquaman 3 may not even ever happen:
“I’m not sure what direction [Gunn and Safran] are going in, though, so who knows? I’ve learned to never say never.”
Will James Gunn and Peter Safran Continue the DCEU’s Aquaman?
Seeing as Superman: Legacy will kick off the new DCU franchise under James Gunn and Peter Safran with actor David Corenswet in the titular role, it seems as though the new universe will be paving its way and creating its own stories separate from the DCEU.
Gunn and Safran already revealed their entire Chapter 1 slate of projects for the DCU, and it is worth noting that none of the upcoming movies or TV shows seem to feature Aquaman in a major way.
The character will likely be included in the DCU at some point down the road, but considering Chapter 1 will not end for quite some time, it will probably be a while before fans get another true Aquaman movie, and it is even less likely that it will feature Jason Momoa.
However, Momoa fans may see the actor in the upcoming DCU as a different character, as some insiders claim that he will be taking on the role of Lobo.
Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is scheduled to hit theaters on December 20.

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