Ahsokas’s Marrok Twist s& Identity Reveal Explaineds

Ahsokas’s Marrok Twist s& Identity Reveal Explaineds

Ahsoka’s Marrok Twist & Identity Reveal Explained

After fans spent weeks wondering who exactly Marrok was in Ahsoka, the Disney+ show finally revealed who was actually behind the mask.
Similarly to Boba Fett in the original trilogy, Marrok quickly became the “cool” character of Ahsoka due to his double-bladed Inquisitor lightsaber, his all-black weathered armor, and the choice to be a man of few words (but when he did talk that was just as intriguing).
Many fan theories quickly circulated as to who could be behind the mask of Marrok. Names such as Ezra Bridger, Starkiller, and Mara Jade were thrown around, with each having substantial evidence to back up their respective claims.
However, Episode 4 of Ahsoka gave fans a deeper glimpse into the Star Wars character as a whole, explaining a lot about the masked Force-sensitive mercenary.
Who Is Marrok in Star Wars: Ahsoka?
Marrok was portrayed by stuntman/actor Paul Darnell in all four episodes of Ahsoka that the character appeared in.

In his biography on the official Star Wars website, it notes that Marrok is a former Inquisitor, explaining why he still carried the spinning, double-bladed lightsaber that only Inquisitors possess. It also reveals that he was a mercenary employed by Morgan Elsbeth.
One of the most intriguing aspects of Marrok was the fact that everything about him was unknown aside from the fact that he was a mercenary that could wield the Force and a lightsaber.
However, Episode 4 of Ahsoka revealed his true identity – a Nightbrother.
In the episode, Marrok and Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka Tano crossed paths within the forests of Seatos, which eventually led to the pair engaging in a lightsaber duel.
This occurred at the same time that Sabine Wren was locking blades with Shin Hati.

Ahsoka is definitely no stranger to battling enemies with double-bladed sabers, so the fight didn’t last all that long, but Marrok was able to hold his own for a few moments.
However, as Marrok began to spin his Inquisitor-style blade, Ahsoka patiently waited for the right time to strike.
Just as Marrok seemed to think he had the upper hand on the former Jedi, Ahsoka stepped forward with a horizontal slash, cutting through Marrok’s rusted armor.
As the former Inquisitor stood amongst the red leaves with his body language suggesting that he couldn’t believe he had been bested, the gash that Ahsoka made in his armor immediately started violently emitting green smoke.
Just a split-second later, the smoke burst out of Marrok’s body, leaving the armor sitting lifelessly on the forest floor.
Many fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars will remember the death of Savage Opress in Season 5 of the animated series, and specifically how similar the two scenes were in regards to how the characters’ bodies reacted to dying.
In The Clone Wars, Savage was stabbed by Darth Sidious on Mandalore, and as he was lying on the ground, the same green smoke that emitted from Marrok’s body in Ahsoka came out of Savage’s.
Due to the two characters’ similarities, it is safe to assume that Marrok was actually a Nightbrother as well.
Marrok: The Nightbrother
Even though many fans thought that Marrok would be someone of great importance, the fact that he ended up being a Nightbrother actually makes the most sense.
So far, Morgan Elsbeth has been presented as the biggest antagonist of Ahsoka since she is incredibly persistent in her search for Grand Admiral Thrawn.
It was revealed in Episode 1 that she not only has major ties to the Nightsisters but that she actually is one herself.
Her powers were even put on display at multiple points throughout the first four episodes.
Just as the Nightsisters used their powers to physically enhance Savage Opress and even give him Force abilities, it is likely that Morgan did the same to Marrok, making him a Nightbrother.
After the Empire fell and Darth Vader was killed alongside the Emperor, it would make sense for Marrok to have denounced the Inquisitorius altogether seeing as how he would have had no master to serve.
This would have made him a perfect figure for Morgan to use to do her bidding once she discovered that he already had Force abilities.
However, to physically strengthen him and heighten his powers even more, she would have definitely used her Nightsister magic on him just as Mother Talzin used hers on Savage Opress.
This would explain why when Marrok was killed, the green smoke that came out of him was identical to the smoke that came out of Savage (think of it as the magic leaving their bodies).
This ultimately means that Morgan’s use of Nightsister magic not only runs even deeper throughout her plans than fans previously thought but that she is also much more powerful than previously anticipated.
This would explain why she was such a formidable opponent for Ahsoka when the two engaged in a one-on-one duel in Season 2 of The Mandalorian.

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